University of Trieste

By onceuser44, 4 December, 2022
Friuli Venezia Giulia
University Type
Public university
University Badge
Blue badge
Contact person name
Elena Bortoloti
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One star - in standardin standard

Two stars - above the standardabove the standard

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Key Institutional Policies

Indicator Standard
Accessible buildings and spaces One star - standard
Supportive resources for students with disabilities One star - standard
Indicator Standard
The university has specific regulations or guidelines to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are catered for Two stars - above standard
Plan for the inclusion of students with disabilities One star - standard
Student service protocol Two stars - above standard
Coordination between services and resources One star - standard
Disability office, unit or services One star - standard
Tuition and fee waivers Two stars - above standard
Indicator Standard
Teaching staff training and innovation One star - standard


Indicator Standard
Transition and induction programmes Two stars - above standard
Accessible admission tests Two stars - above standard

University Life

Indicator Standard
Inclusive assessment systems One star - standard
Counselling service One star - standard
Orientation plan and personalised tutoring One star - standard
Peer support systems One star - standard
Indicator Standard
Participation of students with disabilities in university bodies and student associations Two stars - above standard
Physical activity and sports One star - standard
Protocols for the prevention of harassment in the university community One star - standard
Indicator Standard
Events for international students in mobility programs One star - standard


Indicator Standard
Career orientation and information services Two stars - above standard
Graduate follow-up One star - standard