The EUni4ALL-NETWORK project

Within the ERASMUS+ program, a group of European entities and universities are leading this project, entitled European Network of Inclusive Universities (EUni4All-Network), which intend to continue advancing in the construction and visibility of universities that work for inclusion. In this project participate the European Disability Forum (EDF), the ONCE Foundation for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Spain, and universities of five countries: University of Eastern Finland, the University of the Study of Trieste (Italy), the Polytechnic University of Lublin (Poland), the University of Porto (Portugal), and the Spanish universities of Murcia, Autonomous of Madrid and Seville.

The latest reports on equity and inclusion in higher education continue to reveal major gaps between policy formulation and actual implementation of inclusive education. Still very low numbers of students from disadvantaged groups, specially students with disabilities, are participating in higher education settings and engaging in mobility programs.

Euni4all ā€“ European Network of Inclusive Universities is an ERASMUS+ Program aiming at addressing these difficulties and help students make informed decisions on their mobility, through cooperative action. The Euni4all project (Ā is producing the following outputs:

  • A Guide of StandardsĀ for the Inclusion of University Students with Disabilities:Ā tool to self-evaluate the performance of you University regardingĀ  the inclusion of students with disabilities in four areas: Key institutional policies,Ā Access, University life, Graduation (available on the website of the project)
  • A Guide of Universities that work for inclusion: description of the condition offered by the universities that have participated in this project and haveĀ agreed to evaluate themselves and are share their results
  • Programme and content of Training courses: address to faculty members and technical staff from universities, these courses were design to break barriers that prevent persons with disabilities to access and participate in higher education
  • Web Platform: will disseminate further the information included in the Guide of Universities Working for Inclusion. This platform compiles the work reflected at European Guide of Inclusive Universities, the result of a research study done in 64 universities throughout the European Union that analyzes to which extent they are applying a set of standards of inclusion. However, the work does not end here. Universities can still participate following the instructions providedĀ HERE.