Start by looking at the universities that have the blue seal because they are the ones that have responded in detail to 75 or 150 questions derived of 14 or 38 indicators. They have also presented evidence of their responses. If you do not find your university in the group of those with the blue badge, search in the group of those with the orange badge.

In both groups you can search by one of two ways: simple search and advanced search.

  • Simple Search

You can type the name of the university and/or search by country, region and/or city.

  • Advanced Search

You can search by the same fields as the simple search, but you can also search by one of these dimensions in the blue badge group:
  - Key institutional policies
  - Access
  - University life
  - Graduation

If you are using the advanced search in the orange badge group you can search also by field such as: computer rental, interpreter services, braille transcriptions, etc. To see all the search options you only have to see the dropdown.