Lublin University of Technology

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Lublin Voivodeship
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Public university
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Blue badge
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Monika Mazowiecka
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About us

The Lublin University of Technology was established on the initiative of the Lublin community of technicians, engineers and scientists in 1953.

Currently, there are six faculties in the organizational structure of the Lublin University of Technology:

and inter-faculty and university-wide units:

Since its inception, the Lublin University of Technology educates engineering staff and conducts scientific research, mainly for the needs of our region.

The main directions of scientific research currently conducted at the university are related to the development of construction and technology, environmental protection and the saving of materials and energy.

Lublin University of Technology carries out expert opinions and conducts consulting activities.

The results of the research conducted here are also numerous scientific publications, as well as patents and protection rights.

The Scientific and Technical Information Center of the Lublin University of Technology is at the disposal of scientists, students and all interested parties. The publications of the employees of the Lublin University of Technology are also collected here

One star - in standardin standard

Two stars - above the standardabove the standard

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Key Institutional Policies

Indicator Standard
Accessible buildings and spaces One star - standard
Cognitively accessible buildings and spaces One star - standard
Supportive resources for students with disabilities Two stars - above standard
Indicator Standard
The university has specific regulations or guidelines to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are catered for One star - standard
Plan for the inclusion of students with disabilities One star - standard
Student service protocol One star - standard
Coordination between services and resources One star - standard
Disability office, unit or services One star - standard
Tuition and fee waivers One star - standard
Indicator Standard
Training and guidance for administrative, technical and service personnel One star - standard


Indicator Standard
Transition and induction programmes One star - standard
Accessible admission tests Two stars - above standard

University Life

Indicator Standard
Inclusive methodologies One star - standard
Counselling service One star - standard
Orientation plan and personalised tutoring One star - standard
Indicator Standard
Participation of students with disabilities in university bodies and student associations One star - standard
Protocols for the prevention of harassment in the university community One star - standard
Indicator Standard
Research and PhD program One star - standard
Teaching and research staff with disabilities Two stars - above standard
Indicator Standard
Inclusion of international students in mobility programmes Two stars - above standard
Events for international students in mobility programs One star - standard


Indicator Standard
Career orientation and information services One star - standard