ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon

By onceuser55, 4 December, 2022
Lisbon Metropolitan Area
University Type
Public university
University Badge
Blue badge
Contact person name
Ana Ângelo
Contact person phone number
+351 21 046 40 39
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Iscte is one of the most prestigious universities in Portugal, offering an exceptional range of courses in the areas of Management, Economics, Social Science, Public Policy, Architecture and Technology, across all levels of higher education. On account of the university’s quality, innovation, and internationalization, its students benefit from a multicultural environment within two campus, one located in the heart of Lisbon and the other in the beautiful village of Sintra.

Iscte promotes and defends a set of ethical values ​​such as diversity, freedom, equal opportunities and quality of life and work for all students. Guided by these values, and adopting a policy of inclusion, GNEE was created to support students with specific needs thus ensuring that all efforts are made for their full integration. This office aims to provide specific support to students with specific needs, working as a facilitator for students in their integration process into academic life, as well as accessing the support available at the institution.

One star - in standardin standard

Two stars - above the standardabove the standard

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Key Institutional Policies

Indicator Standard
Accessible buildings and spaces Two stars - above standard
Indicator Standard
The university has specific regulations or guidelines to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are catered for One star - standard


University Life

Indicator Standard
Participation in cultural and university extension activities One star - standard
Indicator Standard
External internships One star - standard