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By onceuser5, 4 December, 2022
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Brief questionaire

Feature Answer
Computer rental/loaning Green checkmark
Learning environments and platforms allow for the use of different teaching and learning formats (written, audio, braille, easy read, etc.) Green checkmark
Virtual classroom software It refers to any virtual classroom delivery platform that is used by the University to deliver virtual classes. For example, Blackboard, Google meet, Zoom, etc. Green checkmark
In-class note takers. Refers to any service (with volunteer personnel or offered by the university itself) that supports the student in the task of taking notes in class. Green checkmark
Recordings of class lectures/streaming Green checkmark
Testing accommodations and arrangements. This refers to whether the university has some kind of protocolized service that studies possible adaptations in testing situations (exams mainly but also in other assessments). This may be the work of the Service for Students with Disabilities or any other unit of the university. Green checkmark
Desk and chair arrangements (for students with physical disabilities) Green checkmark
Interpreter services (for hearing impaired) Green checkmark
Braille transcriptions (for visually impaired) Green checkmark
Adaptive software and assistive technology rental/loaning Green checkmark
Personal assistant service Green checkmark
Study assistant service Green checkmark